Sunday, April 22, 2012


You know that nasty smell that dish sponges get after a use or two?  I hate that smell.  I've put the sponge in the dishwasher, microwaved it, washed it with other soap and soaked it in vinegar and baking soda to try to get rid of that smell without replacing an otherwise perfectly good sponge.

I even tried using the anti-bacterial soaps.  Of course, that was before I found out that anti-bacterial soaps will inevitably bring about the fall of man.

About a year ago, I switched to one of those all natural dish detergents.  One of those that was less environmentally evil. I've used it consistently with little desire to go back to conventional (aka cheaper) brands.  I noticed that the yucky sponge smell hasn't really been happening and I'm able to keep sponges until they are worn down to nothing.

Last week, we ran out of our usual dish detergent.  I thought we had another bottle under the sink, but we didn't.  We had a sink full of dishes and nothing to clean them with.  I didn't want to make a special run to the grocery store just for detergent, so I grabbed a cheap bottle from the drug store when I was running an errand that afternoon.

I have to admit, I was happy to have Dawn cut grease out of my way without scalding water and elbow grease.  It felt like the dishes were practically cleaning themselves.

Except this morning, I noticed the sponge smell is back.

I think it's pretty obvious that the sponge and dish soap industry is one giant conspiracy.

I have to go to the store today.  I'm going to buy the all natural stuff.  And a new sponge.  You can't fool me, Big Soap.  I know what's going on here.

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