Friday, June 15, 2012


The other night, my son graduated from preschool.  I don't think he understands in the least what that means, particularly since the following morning he had to return to the preschool where he will spend the summer.  We've talked about him going to kindergarten in September, but since I know the change of scenery is going to cause him some stress, we're not talking about kindergarten too much until we have to.

The graduation was really cute.  They sang songs, some nonsense about painting rainbows in their hearts and making a better world one kid at a time.  I loved the song they sang about being friends forever and how they all held hands while they did it.  It simultaneously made me laugh and get teary when I realized that the song is only true if forever lasts until August when these kids all go their separate ways to kindergartens in neighboring towns.  But sure.  Forever.

The graduation was held at 7pm in order to accommodate the working parents.  While this is preschool, it truly is full time day care and if we had our afternoons free to watch a graduation we wouldn't need the day care in the first place.  Of course, that doesn't stop them from having the holiday show in the middle of the day, but it's all good.  I'm not a fan of schedule deviations, so it hardly matters when they hold it.  I joked though with his teacher that my gift to her would be Nathan's lovely disposition the following morning after he was up far past his bedtime.  She thought I was kidding.

When I arrived to pick him up from school yesterday, I was informed that Nathan was "busy with his hands" all day.  This was her nice way of telling me he was hitting his friends.  This was the first ever report of my son hitting a classmate ever and he's been in day care at least part time since he was 18 months old.  Proud mommy moment.  The day after he graduates and he gets handsy.  Miss V did tell me that they were all pretty awful that day because they were so tired, but I'm still not happy about the report.  And after last week's episode requiring a costume change I was really starting to question his kindergarten readiness.

As Miss V and I were chatting, Nathan had gone into the bathroom.  All of a sudden we heard the loudest shriek and scream ever to leave my child's mouth.

"I FELL IN!!!!"

Miss V and I went running into the bathroom to find my kid, shorts around his ankles, dripping wet from the waist down.  The seat wasn't down on the toilet and he actually fell inside of it.  He was embarrassed and had hurt his back and legs falling in.  Miss V ran to get his spare outfit from his cubby while I dried him and helped him get undressed.  Tears were pouring down his face and in between gulps for air he wailed that he got so scared falling like that.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to not laugh at your sopping wet child who just fell in a toilet?  It's very hard.  I promise you that.

Please, please let none of the past week's events be an indication that my kid is going to be the kid in kindergarten who hits his friends and falls in toilets and needs to change his clothes.  I thought we were ready.  I mean, he graduated and all.  They wouldn't let him graduate preschool if he wasn't ready, right?

Seriously though, I couldn't be more proud of this boy.  He's such a great learner and he takes his scholarly duties very seriously.  He will make a fantastic kindergartner and he will love the new challenges of real school (though that's going to take a little time, I think).  I know he will shine in all that he does and I am really looking forward to his new adventures.

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  1. Oh, he fell in... poor kid. Please don't tell him I am laughing my butt off right now! Geez, I'd be a horrible mother!

    1. I actually had to turn around because I knew he'd see me laughing. It was hilarious. My poor baby :( Haha!!

  2. I had to bring my son new clothes at his pre-school graduation also, but it wasn't as hilarious. I thought it was going to be difficult to explain to my son that after he "graduated" he would be back the following Monday. Apparently after discussing it I found out that was not a problem, but he does expect to move onto Kindergarten the day he turns 5 (which is in July). Apparently when I explained that he would go to Kindergarten when he was 5, he thought I meant the instant he turned 5, or at least the Monday after.

  3. They are so silly and they don't understand what seems so simple to us! Nathan only got bent out of shape when I called the summer day care "camp" because he thought it meant sleep away camp!