Friday, June 1, 2012


It feels like I want to scream, "Enough already!!" about a zillion times every single day.

When my son answers every single thing I say with, "What?"

When my dog stalks me in the kitchen for 20 minutes, even though he just ate, and he's panting like crazy because he's so old and tired and he should just go lay down.

When I have heard the same ridiculous story 8 times from 3 different people (yes, you read that right, it happens more often than you'd think).

When someone is busy making mountains out of molehills.  Again.

When someone is telling me how to deal with, dress, feed, discipline or otherwise parent my child.

When the neighbor is revving his motorcycle or the other neighbor is starting his obnoxiously loud truck or the other neighbor is washing his cement back yard endlessly.

When a client emails me and then calls me 10 minutes later to follow up.  Or the opposite.

When someone leaves me a voicemail and then texts me to tell me they did so.

When yet another person asks me if I read 50 Shades of Grey.  Or I have to hear or read anything about it.

When yet another person complains about the "press 1 for English" on phones or other ridiculous statements about information being available in languages other than English.

When that person in my office who never stops giggling giggles.  Again.  She giggles every time she sees me.

When the weather is seasonally appropriate and people have to complain about it.

When people complain about the same stuff over and over again as if that's really going to change anything.  (Like in this here blog post, for example.)

When people try to get me to change my mind about something when I've already said that I know my reaction towards the thing is irrational.  (I mean honestly, do you seriously think you're going to get me to say "Oh, yeah!  You're right!  I'm totally fine with it now!"  No.  If I tell you I hate xyz and I have no reason and I know it's crazy and I just can't help it, you can't make me not hate it.  Like mayo for example.  Seriously.  I will never like it.  Ever.)

I have a very odd personality in that I love to be around other people and I tend to be very social.  That is until I hit the point where I hate to be around other people and I tend to be very anti-social.  And when that time comes, everything annoys me.  Then I will hide at home.  But then I'll get lonely and sad and venture out again until things annoy me again.

My mood swings annoy me too.  I've really had enough of them already.

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  1. I think I am going to unfriend everybody who posts over and over again how great 50 Shades of Grey is. I haven't read it, but I have read enough about it to know that I hate it. That, and everybody I know who likes it is kind of, well, stupid. I know that makes me sound kind of elitist. But I am kind of elitist, so there you go :-P.

    1. I'm a little concerned for the people who love it because of the awful things I've heard. I kind of want to read it to see if it's that bad, but I won't go out of my way to do so. The people who talk about it though like they are the first ones to tell you about it make me nuts. "Wow, I am reading the greatest book. Maybe you've heard of it." Maybe? How could anyone NOT have heard of it? Oh, and people thinking they're cool because they read it. "Wow. I am reading a {whisper} dirty book!" Please, I read an erotica book in French class junior year and got in trouble for it. Take that! (I'm really not sure what that proves, by the way.)