Monday, June 18, 2012


This week's Monday Listicles topic is what I'd do with a $1,000 allowance.  I was trying to think of ten things I could do with $1,000, but either I have expensive taste or $1,000 doesn't go very far.  So here are 10 different things I could do with $1,000.  I think it should be noted that coming up with this list took me all of about 10 minutes which means that I could spend money in a heartbeat.

1.  Clothing shopping spree.  I can always use new stuff since I tend to abuse my favorite items by wearing them several times each week.

2.  Pay off $1,000 towards my car.  I HATE that we have a car payment right now and that would take a nice chunk out of what's left.

3.  I would use it towards replacing my kitchen floor.  The floor, when we bought this house, was brand new vinyl garbage.  Brand new anything looks good, but it seems that even looking at this vinyl crap puts a hole in it or a scratch or a stain.  No amount of cleaning it makes it look good anymore which is just terrible.

4.  I really, REALLY want a new computer.  Since the one I have is passable I can't really justify spending money on it, but if someone was just giving me $1,000, that would be a different story.

5.  I would spend a weekend away with my husband.  We haven't been able to do that for a long time for a variety of reasons.  $1,000 would certainly help.

6.  I would pay a professional organizer to help me organize stuff in a professional manner.  I'm sure I could do it on my own, but a pro would be helpful, don't you think?

7.  I would buy new running shoes and I'd pay someone to watch my kid so I could go running whenever I wanted.  I know it wouldn't be long before my money ran out, but hopefully I'd have a good habit by then.

8.  Maybe I'd buy some personal trainer sessions.  It would be better if I could buy the fat off myself but  this seems unlikely to actually work.  How much is lipo anyway?  Is it less than $1,000?  What about just a little lipo?

9.  I feel like I want to spend $1,000 on food.  I'm thinking Cracker Barrel breakfast or cupcakes.  Bakery shopping spree?  Or cheese and wine.  That would be good.  Or Mexican food and margaritas!!  Or maybe a fancy Italian dinner, also with wine.  (Can you see why #8 popped into my head now?)

10.  I'd hire a cleaning service for as far as a grand would take me.  I really hate cleaning.  Or landscapers, my front yard looks terrible.  Or laundry service.  I don't really like doing laundry either.  Or kitchen help - cooking, cleaning.  Because even though I don't mind cooking, I'm tired and I don't want to do it anymore.

In a nutshell, I'd take $1,000 and pay people to do stuff I don't want to do or I'd pay to make myself look better.

I'm not being honest with you.  If I found extra money just hanging around, I'd save it or use it for practical stuff.  I'd wish I was blowing it on fun stuff.  I don't really spend money frivolously, unless you count take out.  If I considered that frivolous and stopped doing it, we would be millionaires.  And I wouldn't need the personal trainer or the lipo.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have an enormous portion of baked ziti and meatballs to devour.

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  1. When you do #9, I would really like to be invited because all of those foods sound really good right now! A small part of the $1000 would have to go towards lactaid, though, if that's okay.

    1. Saturday night we'll do the Mexican and marg night, but lets not spend $1000, 'k? I will stop and get Lactaid for you and Tums for me. I hope someone's bringing the hangover remedy kit!!