Friday, February 24, 2012

My Brain.

Sometimes my brain gets cluttered up with thoughts that prevent me from thinking better ones.  Allow me to share.

1.  I have just a *bit* of BlissDom envy right now.  I heart conferences and heart blogging so I wish I could be there.  I also heart solo air travel and I would have had to fly to Nashville (coincidentally this is one of the biggest reasons I'm not there right now).

2.  BlogHer is 22 weeks and 6 days away, not that I'm keeping a close eye on the calendar or anything.  I'm super-psyched for it already and it's not even soon.  But this does give me more time to work on my blog and my cuteness and stress about packing for a 3 night getaway 15 miles from my house.

3.  Sometimes I see people out and about and I wonder what they do for a living or the foods they eat.  Or where they are going.  Why are you out there?  What are you doing?  What are you thinking about?  Why are you looking at me funny?  Was I staring at you?

4.  Recently I saw a young couple in a beat up car and they were just sitting in it.  I started to wonder if they were about to go on a rampage "Natural Born Killers" style.

5.  When I see garbage bags or rolled up rugs on the side of the highway, I often wonder if there are body parts inside.  Think about it - no one opens those things up, at least not for a while.  And mostly people wouldn't expect to find body parts in them because I think we all hope a serial killer would be more clever  than that (thank you Dexter).  You figure no one will think you would be that stupid to put stuff in there, so you do something THAT stupid just to outsmart everyone.  Brilliant!  One of these days I'm going to stop and look in the bags and rugs.

6.  If people aren't throwing out body parts, why ARE they putting garbage bags and rugs on the side of the highway?  Don't they have bulk pick up days in their town?

7.  I often wonder if I would get so many headaches if I lived in a time when Advil wasn't readily available.  Would my head hurt so much if it was, say, 1740?

8.  I'm not really a big fan of government telling people what to do, especially when what they are doing doesn't actually infringe upon anyone else's rights.  I'm a live and let live sort of gal.  BUT, I would whole-heartedly support a ban on holiday decorations being displayed more than 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after a holiday.  My neighborhood has Christmas, Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day on various houses.  One has two up (and on) at the SAME time (St. Patrick's and Christmas!).

9.  I just spent an absurd amount of time participating in a solo photo shoot.  It is nearly impossible to take a picture of your own hair on an iPhone when you don't have the ability to turn the phone around (need to upgrade!).  I considered making duck face because doing so made 3 of my 4 chins less pronounced.  I also considered taking a picture of the back of my head only so those interested could see the color, but that felt silly.  Oh, and yeah, I'm way too self conscious to let someone take my picture on purpose.

10.  All of this is true.  I promise.  And I almost forgot to renumber when I took out the original #8 which I wasn't feeling anymore.  Someday I'll share it with you though, pinky-swear.  See how I did that?  See how I sucked you in with a cliffhanger?  {evil laugh...}

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