Friday, February 10, 2012


My hair stylist thinks I'm a freak.  I asked her and she said no, but she was giggling, so I think that's a sign.

When I first met her almost a year ago, my hair was pretty long and, well, horrible.  I had not cut it in forever and it showed.  Besides hating to try new places and hating to call places to make appointments, I couldn't find a stylist that didn't break some of the random rules I'd set for the perfect stylist.

  • You can make small talk with me, but when I stop talking, you stop, too.  I like the quiet and I enjoy watching the process.
  • If I ask you to do something that will look stupid, tell me.
  • If you suggest something and I tell you I don't like the idea because I have fine, curly hair and I know what's going to make it frizz, please understand and meet me half way.
  • When I tell you that I will not be upset if we try something and it doesn't work out, believe me.  I've run around with a lot of stupid hair styles, it always grows back and I've never, EVER in 35 years cried over my hair.  Ever.
After my first cut with Skylar, I knew she was perfect.  She's young and cute and she understands what I'm talking about, which makes it easy to communicate.  For example, she knew exactly what I meant when I said that I loved my new cut, but after a few weeks it started Florence Henderson-ing (The bottom got long and flared out so it has to be cut shorter than the rest - go look at late series Brady Bunch.  You'll see.)  Also, she takes her time making sure that my hair looks symmetrical, even though one side grows faster than the other and the slower growing side is thinner than the other.  

We also talked about bangs.  I said I wanted them "more bangy-er but not TOO bangy."  Somehow, she cut in just the right amount of bangy-ness.  We discussed an even fuller bang (I later found out this is the technical term) and I said I was afraid it would make my face fat.  She said no.  I asked if it would make me look shorter and she said no.  She seems pretty confident that a fuller bang will only make me look like I have bangs and not change my height or weight.  She did mention that my overall length needed to increase to pull it off so it wouldn't square my face too much.  Again, technical terms.

Skylar has been very good about not pushing me to color my hair.  When I've asked her in the past how the grays were doing, she always says not bad and when I'm ready we can talk color.  I could see she was relieved when I said I think it's time.  As she was blowing my hair out today, I mentioned that I looked like a zebra (lots of stripes).  She said I didn't and giggled just like she did when I asked if she thought I was a freak.  I'm on to her.

So I made my first ever appointment for professional color (a glaze, actually).  I feel like I've crossed over some line, what with admitting I need to "cover my grays" and all.  I am a little worried the next step is going to be sitting under a large dryer with rollers every week.  But I trust Skylar and so I will do as she recommends.  Sure I'm old enough to be her mother, but that's OK.  She speaks my language.

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  1. kids are currently watching the 5th season of Brady bunch and I thinking how extra "Florence Henderson-y" her 'do got this season!

    I am in the same boat with grays. I've held off with color a while, but now also look like a zebra and considering options. I have not found myself a "dedicated stylist" and I'm not well versed in hair management. One stylist told me to use semi permanent color (the stuff that washes out in 28 days). I'm considering getting highlights to try to blend them away. WTH is a glaze? I should probably learn these things?

    1. I had no idea what a glaze was either until it was explained to me. I keep picturing the glaze on a donut. Apparently it's a treatment that coats the hair but is not absorbed into it. It has no ammonia so it is allegedly non-damaging. It lasts about 6 months and gradually fades out. Since it isn't permanent you don't get roots (because I can't keep up with that sort of thing). I'll let you know if all my hair falls out :)