Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Half A Week.

I don't really like Mondays.  Or Tuesdays, for that matter.  And kinda not Wednesdays, either.  And if Monday in any way includes Sunday night, cross that off my list as well.

I wanted to participate in this blog link up all week and I'm just now getting to the post.  I was going to write something else or find something old and amusing to link up, but when I tell you what's been going on over here, you'll see why just telling you will be enough to explain why I am not a fan of any of the days.

I know I'm not alone in Sundays being a day to prepare for the week ahead.  I don't usually make plans and especially not afternoon or evening ones.  My kid goes to bed super early because everyone is tired and Monday is our longest day, so we need our rest.

But this Sunday, because I didn't want to be a mom who says no just because she is lazy and doesn't like people, I agreed to take my kid to a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party from 4 to 6 pm.  This was a party for kindergarten kids, mind you.  Never again.

On my drive to the hell that was the party, my car started making this awful noise that sounds like the wheels will fall clear off the vehicle. My life isn't enough fun on a regular basis, we have to throw car trouble into the mix.

We managed the time change OK on Sunday, but on Monday we overslept by about 30 minutes.  By 2pm, I could barely keep my eyes open I was so tired.  Suddenly being up 2 hours past my bed time the night before registered as a terrible idea.  I added an extra large Dunkin' Donuts coffee and two doughnuts (don't judge) to my day but I was still lethargic.

On Mondays I work until 5 and my kid is picked up from school by his grandparents.  I pick him up at their house, which is about 6 miles from my home.  My roundtrip commute every other day is only 2 miles.  On Mondays it is 12.  That 12-mile trip takes an hour.

For the entire ride home (6 miles or 30 minutes, for those of you not keeping track) my kid usually bellows that he may starve to death if I don't stop and get him McDonalds.  He also tells me that I never take him anywhere.  No amount of me pointing out that we picked up dinner the last 3 nights matters though.  He only stopped complaining about his hunger to complain about his neck and arms itching.  I looked back at him while stopped at a light to find him bright red and covered in splotches.

Surely Benadryl would rescue us, no?

No.  Benadryl did not rescue us.  I sent him to school because the rash was better, though not 100% gone.  I knew it was allergies, I did all I could and I sent him hoping no one would notice (don't judge).  People noticed and at 9:45 I received a call to come pick up my kid who must be seen by a doctor before being admitted back to class.

We arrived for our 10:30 doctor appointment at 10:29 and we were promptly seen at 10:45.  Diagnosis:  Allergies.  Treatment:  Nothing.

I dropped the kid off at his grandparents' house, 6 miles away, and went back to work where I, unfortunately, was no longer in the mood to actually do any work.

We overslept again.  We overslept on the day that I needed to be up early so I could bring my car to the mechanic to deal with the unholy rattling.  But we got the car dropped off and I'm waiting for the call to tell me how much of a chunk of our budget will now need to be shifted to deal with it.

On the way to work, I got a text from my husband that an old email account was hacked and I was spamming him.  Then I got a similar text from my cousin-in-law.  When I got into the office, I reset my password and deleted all the bounceback from the spam I was apparently sending.  One of the bouncebacks was from my dead mother's email. 

Because when you're going to start spamming people, you want to be sure to include your dead mother.

And speaking of spam, in the last 24 hours, I've gotten now close to 50 spam comments on one old blog post.  As any blogger can attest, getting that email that you have a new comment is fun because everyone loves comments, right?  Except for comments with bad grammar and weird links.  No one likes those.  You know when it's even more not-fun?  When your phone is buzzing every 5 minutes that you have new email and you check it hoping it's an email you've been looking out for (or at the very least a legit blog comment) and it's crap. 

The 5 day work week is half over and I'm already spent.  I can't wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for me!

(In case you think I'm just being grumpy, I'm not.  I'm actually laughing about all of this because it's just so damn ridiculous.)

I'm joining up with a fun blog hop this week.  Click on the badge to check out the host and as many of the other bloggers as you can!!


  1. Hopefully the rest of your week is better! I can relate. I got home from a work conference on Sat. night & my car wouldn't start at a jump & went on merry way...stalled again in middle of road & hubs at work 45 min away and cant leave. Ten ppl drove by me without an offer of help before two doctors fresh off their shift at the hospital (still wearing scrubs) helped me.

    1. This afternoon got a little better after I wrote this. The car wasn't as bad as I feared, sway bar bushings (as if I know what the hell those are).

      Hope your car got fixed and it was nothing major.

  2. I hate it when I get to the doctor's office and the treatment is NOTHING. UGH. Feeling you on all of this.

    1. That's why I wasn't going to even take him. He is a really rashy kid with very sensitive skin. I've taken him to the doctor so many times for rashes and the answer is always the same. If it's severe we get a steroid. If it's not, Benadryl. If he's not uncomfortable, wait it out. I could have him allergy tested to see what exactly is causing it, but I don't want to upset him if I don't have to. And if it's seasonal, there's really not much I can do about it. I just hope he doesn't get sent home every time this happens or I'm going to spend a fortune at the doctor.

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  4. Love what anonymous said :)

    I hope now that it's Friday, things are looking up!

    1. Anonymous is great right? Clearly he/she knows what's what. I'm so glad to find out (anonymously of course) that this person thinks I'll be famous one day...

      My week got much better. Things are looking way up and you know I'm not one for positivity :)

  5. I have this one blog post from months back that receives so many spam comments. I have no idea why. But I agree, it's so annoying to get that email that you have a comment, and find out it's spam. And it definitely seems like spammers have waaaay picked up in the last few weeks. Not sure what is going on!

    I hope the rest of the week was better! I am just catching up on all of my reading from my time off. I had crazy work and a non-cooperative computer, so I think I'm back on track :)

    1. For a long time the spam was only on 1 or 2 posts and they were all old. Now it's recent ones too and picking up steam. It's really frustrating. I don't want to turn captcha back on or anything like that, but this is out of control.

      Glad to have you back!

  6. For future reference: getting a bounce-back e-mail from a deceased relative or friend is grounds for taking the next day off work as a sick day.

    1. Looking back at when I wrote this, this was right around the time I was preparing to quit my job, which is probably the only reason I didn't just cash in a day. I will definitely keep this in mind though if it ever happens again!

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