Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wanna Be.

We're coming to the end of the Pish Posh 8-week Challenge.  I've had a lot of back sliding going on these past two weeks and I haven't lost any weight.  I haven't been walking due to work and time constraints, but if I'm being honest, those are just excuses.  I'm good at excuses.  If there was an 8-week challenge to make as many excuses as possible, I'd probably do really well at that.

One of the things Pish Posh talked about this week is her commitment to a vegetarian lifestyle and her love of animals.  She writes for an animal rights group, which I think is wonderful.  I admire her resolve to be kind to animals in every way she can.

Part of the reason I admire it so much is because, while I truly in my heart of hearts believe that eating, testing on and otherwise using animals is wrong, I still eat them and wear leather and, well, I don't know what else but I probably do it.  I don't test on them though.  When I think about hurting animals because they are tasty, it makes me sick.  Case in point, this post.

I successfully was meat free (but not dairy free) for most of my pregnancy, but I started eating meat again when Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around when I was 8-9 months pregnant.  After Nathan was born, meat was easy.  I hadn't practiced easy vegetarian cooking enough to have a routine and I fell back to old habits.  Even now, when I wish I didn't eat so much meat, I keep doing it.

Did you read this post where I very briefly state that I know I should go vegan for my health at some point?  I have a list a mile long of excuses why I don't.  Someday...  someday...

More evidence of my desire to eat less meat?

I have subscribed to Vegetarian Times for probably about 8-9 years.  This is what's currently hanging out on my magazine table.

Also, I bought some books last fall.  Note all the tabbed pages.

See, I told you I was a wanna be.  I have a lot of vegetarian intentions, it's my execution that leaves much to be desired.  Reminiscent of my work on this challenge, wouldn't you say?

You might be wondering what my point is in all of this.  My point is that we were challenged in this last week of the, ahem, challenge to have one vegan day.  That means no meat, dairy, eggs.  Nothing that comes from an animal at all.  

One day?  That's easy.

One day before Halloween?  Well, I don't know. {Here come the excuses.}

I was going to make it Monday when I'd be at work most of the day and not have to worry about feeding other people most of the day.  But with the storm that's apparently coming this weekend, I don't know what's going to happen.  If I lose power and have to eat everything we have quickly, I may not be able to be as picky.

I am committed, I promise.  Anyone reading this can follow up with me on it.

And in case anyone was really interested and was keeping track, I'm barely holding steady at being down 10 pounds since labor day.  I haven't had alcohol since 9/4 and I was walking every day except the last two weeks so we can hardly call that every day anymore.  

I'll try to post one last time about the challenge when it's over with a final wrap up post.  Thanks for reading along all these weeks.


  1. Good Luck Michelle!! And stay safe in the storm!

    1. Thanks! We're prepared as much as we can be, so now we just sit and wait!

  2. You certainly have some good resources there to help you when you set your mind to the vegan thing. If it makes you feel any better, losing ten pounds makes you much more successful than me! Good luck getting back on track. I think you can do it!

  3. I've found it increasingly difficult to stay on track over the course of this challenge as well. Mostly it was the time for me. And so many lunches in the field, it was easier to just go with the easy choice to save time. I know that's wrong, but it's what I did.

    You seem to be headed in the meat free direction. I'm certain that one day soon, a switch will just flip in your head, and you'll put all of those tabbed pages to good use.

  4. I am in the same boat as you regarding animals and eating meat. I really don't each much meat, but I definitely do and don't give it much thought. Until I do give it thought and feel like a hypocrite.

    Keep at it. Even though you've lost the momentum, there is no reason to stop trying, even though the challenge is over. You have to keep at it, even if it means starting over and over and over. One day it will become your way of life again and you won't have to try so hard anymore. This is how I've been encouraging myself :)

  5. So sorry you sound a little bummed like me! It will happen when you are ready for that final push.

  6. That hurricane sounds like it's going to be a doozy! Stay safe and dry and know we are all pulling for the East Coast to come out of this a little wetter than usual but no long term damage!

    I think executing 8 weeks of perfect challenge success is near impossible. NEAR... I know I didn't do it. I did really good the first 4 weeks and then started to slack off some... but I will finish strong! No junk, lots of fibre, and crap loads of water!

    I am looking forward to your final post!