Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Little Things

A Challenge Week 5 update.

Let me start out by saying that I was not emotionally equipped to handle the nonsense of this week.  I'll be blunt:  I started my period this week.  I was a hormonal wreck and I didn't feel well.  I have been exhausted.  I had a migraine and cramps and absolutely zero patience.

Monday and Tuesday are my long days at work which means I get an hour lunch which means those are my long walk days. Except for this week apparently.  On Monday at lunch while walking the track with a coworker, the school nurse called.  We decided to not start another lap while I called her back:  My son was hit in the face with a rock while playing.  But it was no big deal (!) and she just let me know just in case.  So, crisis averted.

But was it?

No.  Because while on a call at 3:20 with a very upset client (ugh) my mother in law who picked up Nathan from school was texting and calling like crazy.  When I called her back, Nathan was screaming in the background that his ear hurt.  So I left work early to take him to the doctor where he was diagnosed with "a whopper" of an ear infection.

Tuesday Nathan stayed home with his grandparents and I went to work.  But he wasn't quite well.  It was raining, so I had to do my walk in the basement of my office.  It wasn't fun.

I sent him to school on Wednesday, in spite of some tummy distress from his antibiotics and at 11:30, while on a conference call with my boss (who didn't know I ducked out and was still talking to me) and a client (who presumably didn't care that I ducked out) and several others, I got a(nother) call from the school nurse, this time urging me to come on down with a new set of clothes.  Enough said.

More work piling up, more sick kid.  No walk for Michelle.

Oh, and since I refuse to skip a week of Yeah Write, even when my plate is just too full, I cranked this out.  And I refuse to not answer blog comments and not read the other challenge grid bloggers, so clearly you can see how I bring half of my drama on to myself.

Thursday the work continued to pile and I continued to worry about another phone call from school.  I sent extra clothes, but that wouldn't get me out of picking him up if he was sick again.  We got through the day, but there was a mountain of homework that a grouchy, still not feeling well kid needed to catch up on and his fully menstrual mother needed to help him with.  My living room was a very unpleasant place.

Friday, I took a mental health day from work.  I was going to spend the morning writing and then pick up my kid at 12:30 for his half day.  There would be errands to run and stuff to do.  As I was eating breakfast, I noticed water had been leaking out of the shower and down my kitchen wall.  So less writing and more calling repair professionals.  I moved the drop ceiling to investigate and bits of the actual ceiling above fell on my head and into my bra.  By 10:00 my nerves were shot.

There was more stuff this week, but this post is too long and it's not bloggable stuff anyway, but just suffice to say that the fact that I didn't eat everything in sight is a miracle.

I did stuff my face with pizza and salad on Sunday, with just pizza on Thursday and with Burger King on Friday.  I did throw in 20 minutes of exercise every day, mostly kitchen jogs.  No alcohol still since 9/4.  I didn't get to add in weights this week, but I'll work on that next week.  I didn't eat take out for breakfast or lunch, but dinner...  Oh dinner...

The official numbers:
Start:  162.8.
Today:  153.  And yes, I'm shaking my fist at the sky that I couldn't lose that one more .2 lb to get to an even 10 pounds lost.  That is just the sort of kick in the pants that this week needed to end on.

So there you have it.  A rambly, ranty, diatribe on my shit week.  I did well considering and I'm going to cut myself some slack.  But not so much slack because that BK yesterday was inexcusable (but really, really salty and delicious) and that can't happen again.  And two pizzas in one week wasn't a wise move either.

Clearly I need to plan better for the little things so that dinner doesn't become a caloric nightmare.

Lest I sound like a bitter, cranky, miserable woman, there WAS good stuff this week.  9.8 pounds is nothing to sneeze at and that post I "cranked out" earned an Editor's Pick.  Hormones make me whine and cry and not look for solutions.  I feel better today.  I'll start looking for solutions today.

I'm going to start with some Wii Fit.

Now I need to catch up on all the other Challenge participants blogs.  I'll get to it.  I promise.  You should go read everyone's too.  I know all of us can use the support!


  1. I'm so glad you mentioned your yeah write win and that 9.8 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! I was going to make sure those things were mentioned! I think the 90/10 rule is usually good enough. Occasional BK and pizza is nothing to beat yourself up about. Hope this next week is better!

    1. Usually I just focus on the negative and I decided to try something different. Honestly it was just one of those weeks where I just sat around and cried because I really couldn't fix any of the crap going on. This week will be better.

      You are right - occasional anything isn't bad, but I tend to use one slip up as a reason to eat everything and skip all exercise. So as long as I keep it to occasional, it IS ok.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Whoa man. Brutal. I think we all go through those shit weeks every now and then and although you stumbled a little with your eating you survived it (and it really did sound like the week from hell) So yay! You pulled through it!

    Next week has got to be better.

    1. Yeah, it pretty much sucked. But what can you do? It has to let up eventually, doesn't it? Most of my weeks have crazy nonsense, but I'm usually in a better frame of mind to deal. This week WILL be better!!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. That was a whole lot of suck! But I totally related....when one thing goes wrong, so does a lot of other things. I appreciate your honesty and being the voice of so many of us! Hang tough. :)

    1. Yes, I definitely had a when it rains it pours sort of thing going on here!

  4. You look great naked.

    Yes, sometimes that's exactly what you need to hear. :)

    You look great naked.

    1. And see, this is how I know you've never seen me in person ;)
      But thank you!

  5. Oh my god WHATEVER. You totally LOST 10lbs!!!! Ehrmagerd! I'm proud and envious! And while on your period, which is a week that a little bit doesn't count. I had mine last week too and all I can say is that survival is the main goal here ;)

    You little hotty. You are getting there. Now this week will be better. Kick through it hard, especially on your long days, and the rest will be easy. DO IT :)

    1. Truly I was hoping to just stick to my goals, I never expected to still lose. I didn't really get back to good eating until Monday, but I'm trying to make everything count since then.

      Thanks as always for the encouragement!!

  6. Rough week, but yet you still triumphed! And believe me, I know the joys of the dreaded period! Thanks God some months are better than others!

    You are doing great, keep going!!

    And congrats on Yeah Write! I was really happy when I saw you were an editor's pick!

    1. Aw, thanks!! The sad news is this WAS a good month on my period. Some are so much worse than this - as in I can barely stand let alone exercise. But this one was ok so I kept going. Hoping the eating right and losing weight will help the next month be good too.

  7. Good holy hell. I saw the tweet about the shower leak, but had no idea about the rest of it! I woulda sent you a damn care package from the ATL... shit, that's a shit week! SO proud of you for pushing through, getting in walks where you can and staying sane(ish) despite what life and hormones threw at you. AND you won YeahWrite? You're my hero. Damn, girl. Hugs to you.

    1. Thanks :) Yeah, last week really blew. I tried to even stay off twitter because I was so bitter most of the time that I was afraid I'd start losing people if I said what I was thinking the whole time!