Saturday, October 20, 2012

On A Break.

This was week 7 of the Pish Posh Challenge and from what I hear, some people kept on going!

I did not.

After two weeks of sad-sack woe is me posts, I realized I needed a break.  My body needed a break, my brain needed a break.

I kept doing well with my breakfasts and lunches, but my dinners were awful (well, tasty.  and bad for me).  I did not walk at all.  I did not track my calories.  I'm sure they were through the roof.  I didn't have any alcohol.  So that's 2 of 3 goals that I stuck to.

I had planned to take off from the challenge between 10/19-10/21 to celebrate my anniversary.  We were going to go away, but we ended up not.  We did still ship the kid over to his grandparents because, lets face it, that's still kind of a vacation.  I think in the last 24 hours I have eaten as much as I have over the last 11 years of marriage and I still have 24 more hours to go so I should weigh 4,893 pounds by Sunday.  If I'm lucky.

This is short and sweet this week.  I'm going for a spa day today with my lovely husband, then we're having Indian food tonight.  The order of events was a conscious decision, you are very welcome, Spa Workers.  I've done a considerable amount of sitting on my ass watching things since yesterday and intend to continue doing that.  In fact, I'm going to go have a bowl of mashed potatoes for breakfast and get back to catching up on Children's Hospital.

On Monday I intend to beginning to kick ass again so that week 8, the final week, gets me back to that 10 pound goal.


  1. Happy Anniversary! It's ok to take a break and enjoy yourself!

    1. Thanks Stacie! We are definitely enjoying ourselves!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Oh shipping the kids away! You are right, that IS a vacation. Sigh I envy your vacation so much.

    I hear what you are saying. I have been doing crappy this week too! Lets kick ass next week together...well not really kick ass...mine's too broke to take that ;)

    Have fun the rest of the week!

  3. Happy anniversary to you! Nope, I'm with ya this week - I took a break too. I hope the reboot works as well for you, and that you *enjoyed it*. Don't guilt yourself too much, for you can't undo 7 weeks of hard work in 2-3 days of relaxation. Proud of you for knowing when to listen to your own needs. :)