Sunday, August 5, 2012

Yes, There Were Vibrators

BlogHer '12 is over and now it is time for the internet to be flooded with reflections upon the time spent.

All in all, it was a great experience and I'm glad I was able to go.  The primary reason this was possible was that it was held in New York City and I can pretty much toss a dead cat east and have it land smack in the middle of 7th Avenue.  Without airfare or the extra time and expense of having to travel to the conference, I was able to go.  I couldn't have done it last year in San Diego and next year in Chicago doesn't look promising.

The programming was great and for the most part I was happy with the sessions.  I learned a great deal and heard some excellent conversations.  I'll probably (hopefully?  maybe?) talk more about these topics in future posts so I'm not going to dive in here.  There were a few instances where I felt that the moderators could have directed the conversations better, but it didn't detract from the overall impact.

The Expo had lots of fun swag.  And yes, if you heard Trojan was there giving out vibrators it's true.  I know what you're thinking, so let's get this out in the open:

  • Yes, I got a vibrator.
  • Yes, I had a conversation, in public, with a man I don't know, about vibrators.
  • Yes, Trojan really is making vibrators and yes you can get them in places like Walgreens or CVS for a reasonable price.
  • No, I haven't used the vibrator yet and no I won't tell you when I do or what I think of it. 
  • Yes, this is the most times I've typed the word vibrator in one day.
So with that out of the way...

I talked about my blog and writing so much that my throat hurt.  It was nice to be in a writerly place and have those conversations with people who were there in the interest of hearing them.  But now I need to walk the walk - I need to produce content, engage my readers and keep them coming back.  I'm working on that and if you're new to my blog, particularly if you met me at BlogHer, please say hi in the comments and tell me what you think!

The parties were fun.  Honestly, they were a bit much for me.  I loved Queerophere because it was quieter.  There were also seats and desserts.  Now you know how to make me happy, give me a place to sit and stuff my face with churros while I drink wine with some really fun people.

Speaking of wine - I needed some to get through Sparklecorn.  There was 80s music, dancing, glow sticks and many people.  I might have rocked out to Bon Jovi.  Please don't tell anyone.  But yeah, I danced, and I NEVER do that.  I'm glad I went, it's not my scene but I had fun.  Again, great company makes all the difference.

It was a long weekend capped off with my phone shitting the bed, as they say, and me having to trek into a ridiculously crowded mid-town Apple store to have everything on it stripped away.  Luckily I was able to get back most of what I lost, but last night, when that didn't seem possible, I cried.  A lot.  Because I don't appropriately back up my data and I don't need you to tell me how stupid that is.  I knew there would be crying at BlogHer but I didn't think this would be why.  Even a burrito bowl from Chipotle wasn't enough to lift my spirits.  I wasn't up for more partying as a result, but with all the partying I did on Friday, that may not have been the worst thing.  My roommate was pretty exhausted too (probably from my crying) so we crashed early on Saturday night.

I'm glad to be home.  I missed my kid.  I missed my husband.  I missed my TV and my couch.

I walk away from this experience with the desire to write more and learn more.  I'm glad that I went, that I got past the initial freak outs over the number of people and that I stopped stressing about what to wear.  I met some wonderful bloggers.  Scratch that, I met wonderful people.  I got to hug some ladies that I chat with on Twitter, who read my work and who have lifted me up as I pour my heart and soul out here.  Those interactions, conversations and, dare I say it, friendships, made it worth every minute.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. You should definitely give that new toy a spin. Just sayin.

  2. No one told me there'd be vibrators. Sigh. (No but, that's a little uncomfortable to discuss with a bunch of people)

    1. I didn't know either. I'm always late to the party. And yes, much vibrator talk was weird for sure! But the booth was all about making it less taboo, so there you go.

  3. Love this run down. And it sounds like you had a much more indepth talk at the Trojan booth than I did. But I got one of each. So glad that we managed to meet up. It was a highlight! #NJ

    1. It was so awkward a moment that I had to say something. Perhaps that's why I only got one. I'm so glad we connected as well. I would love to sit and chat with you more!

  4. It sounds like it was quite the trip.

    1. Yes, it was a very full few days. Glad I went!

  5. Very nice post, love how you like the same thing I do: the connection, the people.

    Would have liked to have said hi, but yes: the sheer humanity of BlogHer.

    WIll you be in Chicago?

    1. It's all about the people. And the writing. But if no one's reading, it's certainly harder to write! i would have liked to have met you too! It was so hard to find people and it was just so big.

      Not sure about Chicago. The timing might be a little tough but if I can I definitely will!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

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