Friday, August 10, 2012

Corn Salsa.

As anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook or in real life knows, I love burritos.  LOVE them.  Seriously.  I could eat them every single day.  I could eat them multiple times in one day (and I have, don't judge).  I have joked that my son may genetically be made up of 80% burrito and the truth is that I'm not entirely joking.  I should have him tested.

I spend a lot of time at Chipotle getting burritos.  I take some time off when they give me the "you again?" look, but then I'll just beg my coworker to pick up our food.  I'm blessed that my office mate likes them too because she never gets all, "You're not really going to eat another burrito, are you?" on me.  Instead I'll quietly say Chipotle and she'll ask what I said and then I'll say I said nothing and we'll just KNOW because we are like that. 

Or it will be a day like yesterday when I'm grumpy and PMSy and all I want is a giant burrito and maybe some candy to go with it.  So I trekked on over to Five Below for cheap candy.  I settled on Starburst, SnoCaps and Swedish Fish.  They are for sharing, by the way, so stop calling me a pig.  Then I ran next door to Chipotle to pick up our food, which was already bagged up because we used the convenient online ordering system.  I'm a pro at this whole Chipotle thing.

I got my standard burrito:  White rice, black beans, fajita vegetables, extra cheese, mild salsa, that's it, nothing else, no I'm sure I don't want sour cream.  My coworker ordered whatever it is she ordered.  Who cares, this is about me.  We decided to split chips and salsa.  We decided to try Corn Salsa.

What I learned from all of this is that I don't like Corn Salsa.  It was supposed to be medium heat, but it wasn't medium at all.  It was mild and sweet.  In addition, and this is the primary reason that I do not like it, it tastes just like corn.  And I don't want corn on my chips.  I want salsa made from tomatoes. 

There is no moral to this story, no lesson, no resolution.  I just wanted to share that I think Corn Salsa is nasty and I will never eat it again.  Next time, I'll stick with the mild salsa that I love so well.  Maybe, and this is a big maybe, maybe I'll try the medium tomatillo salsa thing I saw on the menu. 

But I don't know.  We'll see. I have to give it some thought.

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  1. Michelle, this is so rad. I LOVE that you made an entire, interesting post about your not-love for corn salsa. This family is a big fan of Mexican, too. Except we're fajita people. Olivia loves loves loves fajitas and the 3 of us share one order, so it works out great. Except her appetite is getting bigger so John and I usually leave the restaurant pretty hungry, but I guess it's the parent's job to sacrifice for their children. It's a good thing the margaritas are so filling.

    1. My husband has had to ask me to stop making Mexican food so often and he loves it too. My kid doesn't eat anything, so I luck out that he won't steal my food. I love margs. It's too early for one, right?

  2. I share your love for burritos, do you do vegetarian? I wouldn't have to worry about you stealing my Chipotle, I am a fajita, white rice, no beans, carnitas, extra sour cream kind of bee-yatch.

    Please share the location of that %age burrito testing center, Chipotle was the ONLY thing I could eat when I was pregnant with my son and I'm thinking he's got to be north of 50% soft tortilla content.

    1. I'm not veg, but a lot of my good friends are, so I live a very veg-friendly lifestyle. And I was for a few months a few years back, but it didn't stick. I just happen to like beans.

      I actually ate a lot of Baja Fresh when I was pregnant because that was near my office. Sometimes twice a day. It was bad. The manager knew my usual.

      I'm way not into the sour cream though. I can't get behind that one, sorry.

      If I find a testing center, I'll let you know. So far they seem to only test the DNA of humans as it relates to other humans. Weird, right?