Friday, July 27, 2012

Let's Talk About Mommy's Feet.

The other day I was in the bathroom taking off old nail polish.  Nathan busted in and helped himself to the toilet.  Since I needed to finish what I was doing, I didn't leave.  Yes, I know that we are approaching that age where we all need our privacy but I'm going to ask you to put that aside for the moment.  Then this conversation happened:

Mommy?  What are you doing?
I'm taking off my nail polish.

Why, Mommy?  You don't like it anymore?
It's time to take it off.  It doesn't last forever.

Mommy?  What happens to it?
It chips, there's regrowth at the bottom...

How does it chip? What is regrowth?  Mommy. Let me see them.
It chips from being in the pool and the ocean and washing dishes.  Regrowth is this. (I point to my nail bed.)

Oh.  I don't do dishes so mine wouldn't chip as fast.
You also don't wear nail polish.

Yeah.  Mommy?  What is that stuff you're using?
Nail polish remover.

Mommy, is it dangerous?
Not for me, I'm an adult.  You should never touch it.

Mommy?  What will it do to me?
It could hurt you and it's dangerous.  Don't ever touch it.

Oh.  So, Mommy, if I touched it could burn me?
Yes.  So don't.

OK.  So, Mommy, why doesn't it burn you?
Because I'm an adult and I know how to use it properly.

Oh.  Mommy?  Can you just show me how to use it properly so that it won't burn me?
No.  Because you don't need it.  You don't wear nail polish.

Mommy?  Why do you wear nail polish if you're just going to take it off with stuff that's dangerous.
Because I want to and it looks nice until it doesn't anymore and the stuff is only dangerous for kids.  

Mommy?  What are all of the dangerous things that can burn me?
Nathan, there are lots of things that are dangerous to kids and it's all the things I've told you before not to touch.  OK?  

Mommy?  Would I have to go to the hospital if I touched that?  Or would I just need a Band-Aid or something?
{Sigh} Nate.  How about you just don't ever touch it since you have no reason to.

Mommy.  What if I get it ON me?  Then what?
How would you get it on you?  I keep it in the high cabinet that you are not allowed to go in.  You don't need to worry about it and you don't need to touch it.

Yes, Nathan?

Mommy, do you want to know something funny, Mommy?
Sure, Nathan.

Mommy, I was watching SpongeBob the other day and you know what Patrick said to Squidward...
{He trails off into a really long story.  I say "uh-huh" and "haha!" and "oh boy!" a bunch of times.}

This goes on day after day after day all day long.  I am questioned on every single move I make, everything I buy, eat, drink, wear and sometimes I think he's reading my thoughts just so that he can ask me questions about them.

Though I love our conversations, I will admit that at times I'm less than patient with Nathan  And I also could do without him mentioning my name in every sentence, particularly when I'm the only other person in the house and I know he's talking to me.  It is true that perhaps I offer too much information and that if I didn't provide answers that so perfectly lend themselves to follow up questions I might get more peace and quiet and might be able to actually think a whole thought on my own for a change. But I can't help myself and the conversations continue.

His little voice is so sweet sometimes and soon enough he will have no interest in me at all or my feet or my nail polish and I'll be begging him to talk to me.  And when this time comes, I'm sure I'll miss it.

I hope though, when that time comes, that I'm also able to take off all of my nail polish at once.  Because when I woke the morning after that conversation, I realized that 2 of my nails still had polish on them.

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  1. Oh, gosh that is so cute! What a pumpkin!

    When I was a nanny, one of the boys I took care of was forever questioning me on things. The problem is, he was so intelligent and as he got older I couldn't even answer his questions sometimes! He would ask how power plants and lines worked or want a detailed explanation of cameras. I don't know! You just point it and take the picture! I don't know how it works! That kids always made me feel so dumb :)

    1. :) Thanks. He is a cutie (thank goodness for that, right?)

      Where do they come up with this stuff? And if he asks things I don't know, and I say I don't know, he just tells me to Google it. He says that, "Google it!" And that's my punishment for doing that one time in front of him. And don't let me forget he asked me something because he will always ask again. I suspect when he can read I will find his nose forever in a book or online researching.

      It's adorable and exhausting all at the same time!