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Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Bump Life about judging myself as a parent and I’m excited to welcome Buckley from Little Orso to The Journey.

My name is Buckley, and I have a blog called Little Orso.  My blog focuses on finding amazing products for children, especially little boys (the industry seems to be so much more girl driven, so it is really hard to find great items for little boys).  Luckily for my readers I live on the internet and am obsessed with online shopping.

The best part of taking part in this blog swap is getting to discover great new blogs.  I not only have a blog, but I am a huge blog fan and spend at least an hour a day reading blogs.  Blogs are great…they give you a glimpse into someone else’s mind!!  Some days you will relate to what is posted, and other days you will learn something new and exciting!! 

Getting to know The Journey has been a great experience.  Michelle and I have a lot of similarities, and I have had a great time reading her listsJ  This is why I thought it would be fun to do a post that blends both of our worlds…lists and shopping!!

I am one of those people that can not leave the house without my purse.  I also have a hard time narrowing down what should be in my purse.  There are many days that I end up with a second tote bag with my “overflow”. J  Recently I decided enough was enough, and decided to really evaluate what I really need to bring with me.

So here is my Top 10 List of Purse Necessities!!!

1. Lipgloss- I can not live without lipgloss.  I would love to bring an entire display of colors with me so I could change the shade according to the time of day, my outfit, my mood etc… This is why I really love the Mark Cosmetics Glo Baby Glo Lipglosses.  You can connect any two colors together, with the use of the connector. (Mark gives you a connector for free with any two Hook Up purchases.  Hook ups are any Mark products that can be connected together).  I usually connect two lip glosses, a light one for daytime and a darker shade for evening.

2. Kleenex Splash and Go Moist Wipes- I use these all day long.  I am a bit of a germaphobe, and I tend to eat on the run.  I use these when I can’t wash my hands, or when something spills in the car.  I also used to use these to take off eye make up, after a late night out. Now that I am older and married with kids there are not as many late night outings, at least with heavy eye makeup!! I find myself using them more now to clean grimy baby hands, wipe noses, clean baby toys that fall out of the car, and changing diapers on the go.  These are also great for cleaning the bottom of your purse, and cellphone!! Dr. Oz has scared me into doing this every few days!!!

3.Kindle Fire- I have written multiple blog posts on my love for the Kindle Fire.  My family literally fights over it.  I listen to books on tape on it, read magazines, check email, play games, make to do lists, and download tv shows for my son.  I never leave home without it.  When we have an in car melt down, I just turn on Yo Gabba Gabba and he immediately calms down.  They sell great mounting accessories (they are really inexpensive), so that you can hang the Kindle in your car like a tv screen.

4. Travel First Aid Kit- I love this little box.  It has everything I need in it for an emergency (Advil, Bandaids, alcohol wipes…), and all stashed in this adorable little box.  I actually bought this at a hotel that I stayed at.

5.  Burt’s Bees Hand Sanitizer- This stuff smells so good, and kills germs.  It is alcohol free, so it actually moisturizes your hands instead of drying them out like the others.  I read an article that this was the only safe sanitizer to use so I went out and bought it, and I am so in love.  Staying germ free has never been so refreshingJ

(Yes, I have two items to keep our hands clean, I told you I was a germaphobe ;) )

6.  Travel Flats- I bought the cutest flats at Target that roll up into a tiny bag.  They are great for when I wear wedges or heels and need to change into something more comfortable.  Not to mention they are really cute!!!

7.  Colgate Wisps- These little travel toothbrushes are amazing!!  You never want to have something in your teeth, or bad breath.  You don’t need water or anything, besides the brush.   They even come with whitening treatments in them now!!

8.  An Extra Pair of Sunglasses- I live in my sunglasses!!  I have really sensitive eyes, so I can’t even go out to get the mail without them on.  This is why I can not leave home without a back up pair!!!  A pair of sunglasses can change your whole look, so I have a few different styles.  For the last two years I have been obsessed with my oversized Marc Jacobs Sunglasses.  I am barely getting any sleep, so anything that covers a lot of my face is very appreciated!!;)

9. 100 Calorie Packs- I am always hungry!!  Especially in the car for some reasonJ  When I was pregnant I started making sure that I always had food in my purse…this habit has stuck around past the pregnancy.  I really love the 100 calorie packs from Ritz Crackers.  It is a mix of Chex, Cheezits, mini Ritz Crackers, and Pretzels…Yummm!!!

10. A Cute Scarf- Ok this is probably my most used item!!  For me it never fails that I will spill something on me.  I can throw a scarf on, and immediately hide anything that spills on my shirt.  In California we layer clothes because it can be 90 at noon, and then foggy and cold by dinner.  For some reason wearing a scarf keeps you so warm…you can also throw a larger one around your shoulders, and use it like a shawl.  And my all time favorite use for my scarf, getting in a quick nap in the car.  Bunch it up and you have a great pillow!!!  ****This item can also be taken off of the what’s in my list, and be put on the what’s on my purse listJ  Nothing looks cuter than a bright scarf tied around the handles!!!

I hope you all are as nosy as I am, and enjoy these what is in your purse features.  I always think the celebrity ones are so boring…now looking at my list I see that I am pretty boring too;)  I probably should have lied and said that I bring a circular saw, fire extinguisher, giant extra flow tampons…

Thanks, Buckley for such a fun post! Hope you all enjoyed.  I'll be back soon with...  well, I don't know, whatever I feel like writing!

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