Friday, May 4, 2012


You know what's hard?  To write anything even remotely coherent when you have a migraine.  As a result, I am providing you with a haphazard, random blog post for today.

1.  People often ask me what my migraines feel like.  I must tell you first that I know they are coming a few days before when I, for an afternoon or so, lose part of my hearing.  Around that same time, I also notice bright shooting lights in front of my eyes.  The hearing comes back, the vision gets blurry until the migraine passes.  Also in the days before I have a feeling that I can only describe as my brain leaking strawberry syrup.  At full onset, the left side of my face and brain suddenly feel too large to fit inside my skull.  My eyeball feels like it could pop out at any moment.  Once the pain subsides, it feels like my brain and other head-insides are now too small for my skull and they are sloshing around.  So it's hard to concentrate.  Luckily all that's behind me now and I'm left feeling like if I tried to get up from this chair I would fall over and spend the next 5 hours sleeping on the floor.

2.  I've told you before about how I really like open spaces.  As in, rooms with no furniture.  The same goes for cabinets and refrigerators.  When they are full, it makes me anxious.  I know that I'm lucky to have plenty of food to fill up my spaces (I mean that in terms of both my kitchen and my ass), but it's unsettling to see so much.  I don't know why it bothers me, it just does.  When I cleaned out my refrigerator a few moments ago, I found the remnants of 4 different pizzas.  Why do I even save pizza?  No one here eats old pizza.

3.  I have 416 emails in my gmail account.  Four hundred and sixteen.  Most of it is not junk.  The problem with being a blogger who loves to read blogs is that my inbox is jammed full of stuff I want to read.  By continuing to read and write, I generate more emails.  I owe people emails, I owe people posts, I owe people replies.  My goal this weekend, including Monday when I am off from work (for reals off, not like the last 5 Fridays when I'm off but I've gone to work anyway) is to clear out that inbox.

4.  My other goals for the weekend?  Finish up the half done blog posts, write drafts of a few that I haven't started but I need to and to put some quality time in working on my book.  I also have a birthday party to go to, an entire house to clean, a child to rear and a wedding to go to.  And sleep.  I need to sleep somewhere in there.

And so, at this time, I'd like to apologize for wasting your time with these random items.  To make it up to you, I offer you this nugget.  Consider it a "Day In The Life" sort of thing:

Last Friday my child was frustrating me to no end.  He was tired and cranky and it was bedtime and you know how 5 year olds are in these scenarios.  He plopped himself on the stairs and told me that he was too tired to go to bed and he'd have to sleep where he was.  I told him to get up the stairs.  He cried the whole way up (5 minutes for 13 stairs, I'm not kidding you).  He went into the bathroom and as I was walking past I said, a little too loudly, "Ugh.  I need a break."  He heard me and without missing a beat replied, "Yeah well, you know THAT'S not going to happen."

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  1. He heard me and without missing a beat replied, "Yeah well, you know THAT'S not going to happen."

    Love that. Child after my own heart.

    1. Thanks! That kid cracks me up. I don't want him to know that, but he is really hilarious! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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