Monday, May 7, 2012


This week's Monday Listicles topic is to describe an hour of my life.  I think I'm supposed to adhere to that 10 things rule, but I'm throwing caution to the wind today!

 I thought about outlining the bedtime routine, but I'm sure it's similar to everyone else's.  Try to get child to go to bed, listen to child protest.

Even though I spend many of my weekly hours at work, I can't write about that.  But here's a little snippet for you:  do something, cross it off list, find out I have more things to do, get annoyed, add things to list.  Repeat endlessly.  Sometimes you can throw in a meeting about what I need to do, what I didn't do yet or what I could maybe do in the future when I get some free time.

I figured one of my random hours would be much better.  And what better hour than the one I was about to embark upon.  Here we go.

7:06 am - Bring laundry down to the basement to start, take towels from Wednesday out of the dryer.  Bring towels upstairs, deposit them on the hall bench.

7:08 - Unload dishwasher, put the painting supplies that were by the sink by the stairs to put up to the kid's room (they'd only been sitting there for a week!).  Start washing the dishes in the sink and rinsing the recycling that was in there.  Listen to musings about Angry Birds and say, "Uh-huh" whenever the child pauses.  Sometimes I say, "Whoa, that's cool!" and "Really?"

7:12 - Start cleaning up the rest of the kitchen and gathering supplies for our road trip to my cousin's wedding later.

7:16 - Time to do the counters.  Start in the northeast corner, move all the appliances to wipe under them.  Yes, I do this weekly.  Clean out the sink, too.

7:25 - Start cleaning the tantry.  What's a tantry?  Maybe you call yours a poilet.  When we moved into this house, it had a room off the kitchen with the washer and dryer, some kitchen cabinets and a toilet.  There is no sink.  When the washer broke, we removed the ancient relics (they were probably from the late 70s) and bought new ones for the basement.  We intended to remove the hook ups and the toilet and make it a pantry.  That was almost two years ago.  We never got that far because everything else in the house decided to break.  So now it holds the dog's bowls and food, the recycling, some panty items in the cabinets and a toilet.  It's good for when the kid has an emergency.  Anyway, what do you call a pantry with a toilet?  A tantry!  (Or a poilet.)

7:28 - Realize I didn't clean out the steam cleaner from when I used it yesterday.  I start doing that.

7:33 - Child asks if he can have a double chocolate muffin top for breakfast.  No, it's too much chocolate for breakfast.  He argues with me that the muffin part isn't chocolate, it's just cake colored to look like chocolate.  I tell him it IS chocolate and I said no.  More arguing.  I pretend to read the package.  "Cake part made of chocolate.  See?  Now, what do you want for breakfast?"

7:35 - Kid still can't decide what he wants.

7:36 - Go to the living room to fold the towels.  Kid asks what would happen if he walked from the couch onto the table and stepped down.  I tell him he'll get hurt and in trouble.  Then he asks what if he climbs onto the table and walks to the couch.  I tell him the same thing will happen.  Why?  Because.  Now what do you want for breakfast?

(This is what he wanted to climb over.  Is he kidding me??)

7:40 - We settle on waffles.  I go put one in the toaster.  He assures me he is not that hungry and he only wants one.  I get a SpongeBob up on Netflix (yes, he watches SpongeBob in the morning with breakfast so I can get stuff done.  Don't judge.) 

7:43 - I finish my first cup of coffee and it's time for another.  While it brews (thank you, Keurig!) I take the stuff off the dining room table that doesn't belong there.  I deliver breakfast.

7:45 - As I'm putting the butter from the waffle back in the fridge, I grab the invite to the wedding from where it is magneted to the side and put it by my purse so I don't get half way there and realize I don't remember where it is.  Then I remember the laundry.

7:46 - I go down to the basement to put the wet clothes in the dryer.  I bring a fresh dog bed up with me for use after I vacuum.  I finish cleaning the steam cleaner parts.

7:50 - Remember the dog hasn't had his pills yet.  Tramadol for pain, prednisone for helping him stand. Stupid arthritis.  The dog will be 14 in August, except I know he's not going to make it to August.  Twice daily reminder of what's to come.  I go to give the dog the pills (scoop of peanut butter on the back of a spoon) and realize the PB jar is empty.  Why is it still in the cabinet?  Sigh.  Get a new jar.  Give the dog his pills.

7:53 - "Mama?  Can I please have another one."  Sigh again.  Didn't I ask him if he wanted two when I made the first one?  Get out the waffles, put one in the toaster.  Get out the butter.  Get a new knife, since the one I used to butter the waffle the first time is now in the sink.  I put the dog's pills and the PB away. 

7:57 - Deliver the waffle, buttered and cut.  Put stuff on the stairs to bring up to clean the upstairs bathroom.  On my way past the living room:

Him:  Mama?  I want you to... um...
Me:  What, Nate?
Him:  What?
Me:  What do you want me to do?
Him:  I forgot what I was going to say.
Me:  OK

Back to the kitchen.

7:58 - Get creamer for the coffee I made but didn't drink yet.  Realize I need to go to store but there's no time today.  Then I remember that the recycling is full and I need to put it in the basement until recycling day, but decide I'll wait until later.

8:00 - Finish putting back the stuff from making Waffle Part 2.  Wipe off the counter and put the steam cleaner pieces in the basement.  Realize that this is the dog's cue to have another accident, so I take him out for a quick pee.  

8:04 - I've been up for over 2 hours now and decide to stop and eat some breakfast.  But not before making the following to do list.

Write Monday Listicles
Get card ready for wedding
Shower, hair, makeup for wedding
Fold laundry (current load and the other load from Wednesday I didn't fold yet)
Get dog situated (in-laws are coming to watch him while we're at the wedding)
Pack car activities, snacks, extra clothes and jammies for wedding (2.5 hour trip each way, hoping kid sleeps on the way home)
Make grocery list for tomorrow
Walk dog 100 times (ok, this isn't on the list, but I have to do it)
Clean upstairs bathroom
Clean up breakfast dishes
Find out when husband's flight comes in tomorrow since I have no idea and I'm pretty sure I'm picking him up at the airport.
Make writing list for tomorrow

I also didn't mention the child talked nearly this entire time.  Even while he was eating, he narrated the entire SpongeBob episode interspersed with reciting the lines along with it.  Then he talked to me about other episodes, complained about having to "do stuff" today, complained that I was cleaning and told me after the second waffle that he was hungry and wanted a snack.  He suggested a candy bar he got in a goody bag from a birthday party.

And because I was in the kitchen for most of this time, I was tripping over the dog at every turn. The dog thinks that if you're in the kitchen there must be food.  The prednisone makes him hungry and since he's a lab, he's pretty much hungry all the time any way.

That is the third hour of the day on Sunday, May 6, 2012.  Since I think I'll get to bed around midnight tonight, that leaves about 16 hours from the time I started documenting to when I'll finally stop.  Wish me luck, folks.

Edited to add:  The wedding was great.  Between 5 hours in the car and 4 hours at the wedding, the kid  was mostly good.  I got myself a couple of looks from other adults who no longer have 5 year olds and when they did the kid was no doubt perfect. However, it was a very, VERY long day.

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  1. What a busy hour! I'm glad you enjoyed the wedding. We have two to attend in the next 6 weeks - with all 3 kids at each. It's going to be fun!

    1. Normally I wouldn't have brought him to the wedding, but it was family and my aunt insisted. For as long as I asked him to be good and sit still and quietly, he did well. Glad I don't have to do it again anytime soon though!

  2. Mine never ever shuts up either. I am aha-ing him as I type this( even thought we agreed for me to have 15 minutes for me while he watches a documentary). I like this list so much. And I think Poilet is catchier.

    1. Oh, I love that when they promise to give you a few minutes and then they don't. What is funny is that he was with his grandparents today and I ended up missing his sweet voice. :)

  3. I so get this! This hour of life sounds so very familiar; a million things to do and only an hour....lovely glimpse into your life!

    1. So true - one hour barely makes a dent in what needs to get done!

  4. Michelle I am exhausted for you! All that and a wedding too, whoa!

    1. Yeah, it was a busy one. I'm still tired and I didn't even go to work today!

  5. Wow, busy! You know he is gonna get you when he can read that package himself. LOL

  6. Poilet? Tantry? I can't decide. I'm got a little tired just reading about your long day.