Saturday, March 3, 2012

E's Mother Strikes Again.

I just have to share this story.  I went to pick up my child from school the other day and E, his classmate from this story, came barreling out of the classroom and ran right into me.  Her mother followed right behind.  E said to me, "Are you Nathan's mother?"  I told her I was and she ran off down the hall.

Then E's mother and I had this conversation:
Her:  Oh.  You're Nathan's mother?
Me:  Yup.
Her:  I think you gave me an invitation to his birthday party and I still owe you a response.
Me:  Um...(and before I could really say anything else)
Her:  When is it?
Me:  It was in January.
Her:  Are you sure?
Me:  Yeah, pretty sure.  I put the invite in her cubby in December and a follow up in January.  You never RSPVed.
Her:  Oh.  OK.  Maybe the one I'm thinking of was for a different party. Whatever.

And then she walked away!

If she forgot, or didn't care to respond, or just hates us, or whatever, it's all fine.  I really and truly don't care what this woman thinks or does or if she brings her kid to Nathan's party or not.  And it's not like I was harboring resentment about the lack of RSVP, again, I really didn't care.  But when I told her that she didn't reply, why didn't she just say she was sorry or too bad she missed it or something?  Her rudeness and lack of social grace is just so astounding that I am constantly floored by it.

I'm all for not caring what people think of you, but not at the expense of general politeness.
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  1. Oh, the RSVP thing makes me nuts! (so does rudeness :)

    1. Yeah, this woman's a real treat!
      Thanks for reading!!