Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Day, Remind Me Please.

Some day, when my child is sleeping on a Saturday or Sunday morning and I want him to wake up and I complain about it, please punch me in the face.  I will totally deserve it.

Remind me of today, January 29, 2012.  This morning I went to sleep at somewhere after 1:30 am.  I can only approximate the time based on my Facebook post wherein I mentioned drunk nachos.  This was shortly after 1 am and I assume it took me several minutes to inhale these nachos.  I am happy to report that I didn't eat the burnt ones which were still on the plate which was still on the end table when I woke up.

Remind me that when I woke up, still sort of sitting up on the couch, still kind of tipsy, still kind of tasting the wine I was drinking not that much earlier, that my child was calling for me and that when I ran up the stairs to his bedroom, I could feel all sorts of pulsating in my eyeballs.  Remind me that when I told him to go back to sleep (request denied, by the way), I couldn't figure out which room to go to.  Back to the couch?  To bed? To find something to alleviate the pulsating? I chose bed, in case you're wondering.

Remind me, please, that after that initial waking, I started to fall back to sleep and was again called for by my child and only 15 minutes had gone by and that it had become apparent that he was not going back to sleep so it was time to get up, even if it was just to get him a show to watch whilst I tried to will myself awake.

Some day, remind me please, that all of this morning's goings-ons began going on at 5:37 am.  Five thirty-seven.  

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