Sunday, January 1, 2012

Notes to Self.

I lieu of resolutions this year, I'm making some notes to myself.

1.  Last week you read two blog posts by others called Note to Self.  You may want to rethink using that phrase here.

2.  If an idea is so great that it's keeping you up in the middle of the night, get up and write it down so you're not sitting at the computer staring at it blankly trying to remember what was so earth-shattering only 3 hours ago.

3.  You know those wacky days where you think you can do absolutely nothing right?  They pass.  Stop letting them get to you.

4.  On that note, you can do this writing thing.  You need to focus and DO the work.  It's not all going to be fun and games.  You need to stop finding distractions and get over your fears.

5.  Stop referring to yourself as a fat girl.  Your friends already know you're fat and they don't care.  And if they do care (aside of the obvious health concerns) then they aren't your friends.  It just makes people uncomfortable because they can't agree with you (because that would be mean) and they can't say you aren't (because that would be lying).  Now go do some squat-thrusts, Fat Ass.

6.  And on THAT note, get your act together and go to the gym.  You love it there.  Get your groove back, as they say.  You have no excuses.

7.  You know what your priorities are, so treat them as such.  Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and you'll have far less to complain about.

8.  Your kid is a good kid.  When he's misbehaving, there is probably a really good reason for it and you can probably change the course of the day by changing your focus.  Sometimes you need to stop what you're doing to do this.  Get over it; it's called parenting.

9.  You are not a child.  You do not have to get whatever you want the moment you want it.  You know better.

10.  Make a schedule and stick to it.  You and I both know that this is what YOU need to get everything done that you want to do.

Please try to enjoy 2012.  Make it productive because that will help you enjoy it.  Make the most of what you have because you have a lot of good stuff.

Note to those who are not myself:  Happy New Year.  I hope this year is your best yet.  Thank you for reading and (I know I've said this before) for encouraging me!
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