Friday, December 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

I read somewhere during my "better blogging" research that blog post titles should be short and attention grabbing.  They should give the reader a good indication of what information is within the blog and make them want to read it.  This post is going to be about as random as they come, so you can't say you weren't forewarned.

I require a lot of sleep.  To feel rested regularly, I need about 9-10 hours per night. That's pretty hard to get, so on weekends, pre-child of course, I used to catch up by sleeping in or napping.  Now I average 5-7 hours of sleep.  There's this theory out there that says that every hour of sleep you don't get that you need contributes to your sleep debt.  So, if I miss one hour tonight and one hour tomorrow, I need 2 hours extra the next night to be even.  I remember the last night I had before my sleep became permanently disjointed.  It was in May of 2006.  I was in a hotel in Atlanta on a business trip and I had just found out I was pregnant a few days earlier.  I had traveled that morning, did some business things that afternoon and then slept 12 solid hours from 7pm to 7am the next day.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times I've gotten 8 or more uninterrupted hours of sleep since then.  Folks, that was 2006.  I am tired and I have a tremendous sleep debt.

The other night during one of my many episodes of insomnia, I wrote an entire blog post in my head about flannel sheets.  Fortunately for you, I eventually fell asleep and forgot the whole thing.

I never say "folks" out loud.  I write it a lot, but I never say that.  That's kind of weird.

I hate it when I know what I'm going to have for lunch and I'm looking forward to it so much that I can't bring myself to eat breakfast because it isn't the thing that I want.

In 2005, my cholesterol was 210.  I spent the next year eating better and exercising regularly.  By the same time the next year, it dropped to 172.  I was pretty impressed with this.  Since then, I have started eating terribly, gained about 25 pounds (that's after I gained and lost about 35 during pregnancy), and I do not exercise regularly anymore.  I had my cholesterol tested again last week, it's only 175.  I cannot even fathom how this is possible.  

I have noticed a tremendous amount of people who do not know how to yawn in public.  Perhaps it's the fact that I am totally repulsed by teeth (even my own), but I don't want to look in your mouth.  Please cover it if you're not in your own home.  And I know, we all have those yawns that sneak up on us.  Some are big, I get that.  But for the love of olive, try to catch it as soon as possible after it begins.  One last thing - that yelling that so many people like to do during a yawn to let the world know how tired they are?  Annoying.  Stop it.  You're tired.  I get it.  We all are.  Have I told you about my sleep debt?

I had guys here this morning inspecting the chimney and making some minor repairs.  In the 40 or so minutes they were here, the one guy told me his name no less than 6 times.  "My name is Chris, if you have any questions."  He also told me that he "can't believe it's almost Christmas" twice.  Then, as we're going through the invoicing process, he tells me it's starting to get cold, winter is coming, it's windy and cold, you can tell it's almost Christmas because it's cold.  As I'm walking him out, he told me to have a nice day, stay warm (because it's cold out), have a nice Christmas, enjoy my holiday, have a great day and to try not to get too cold.  He was a nice guy though.

I will admit to typing LOL in texts and Facebook comments.  I assure you though, that if I write it, I did it.  I don't LOL willy-nilly.  I feel like a lot of people type LOL but they don't really mean it.  I tried to get GOL (Giggle Out Loud) to catch on, but it didn't take.  I never say LMAO.  Look at me.  Clearly you know that's not the case.  And I love when people put LOL at the end of a Facebook status that is not at all amusing, let alone Laugh Out Loud-able.  For example:  I ate a tuna sandwich today for lunch lol.  Ugh.  This really aggravates me.  Have you seen ROTFLMAO?  Yeah, IMHO, that's just gilding the lily.

I vacuum my house at least weekly.  That means I *actually* do it weekly, but I think about doing it other days.  So this is what I get when I vacuum the first floor of my house after only 6 days.  This is both disgusting and ridiculous.  You would think I had 12 dogs and a family of coal miners living here.

After Thanksgiving, I moved the last two pumpkins out of the house. There was a medium size one and then one of those baby ones you get for about a dollar.  Something took the baby one and did this to the medium one.  I think the teeth marks are cute.  Nathan says he misses the baby one.

I just figured out how to add photos to the blog.  Isn't that exciting?  Isn't it unfortunate the first ones I chose to share here?

Remember how I mentioned that I had done some research on creating better blog posts?  One of the other things I found out is that in order to keep the reader engaged and wanting more, the post or article should have very strong beginning and ending paragraphs.  This blog post has neither.  I hope you'll forgive me.

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