Thursday, November 11, 2010

Follow up on 2011 goals

Two posts in one week, can it be????

I really appreciate the support on the last post. I do want to clarify what I meant by small things.

My ultimate goal is to create a home that is the most natural, green, sustainable place I can. I want what I do to be done with intention and thought, not just a quick and easy fix to a problem. Quick and easy has a time and a place, but I've held on to that long after it became apparent to me that with a little effort I could do better.

So some of the "small" things to create that household would include the following:
Eliminate all processed foods (cooking everything from scratch)
Eliminate all harmful cleansers (making all of our cleaning products)
Eliminate all plastics that touch food
Reduce consumption of resources (water, energy, car usage)
Reduce garbage (composting, less purchasing of products that create garbage)
Eliminate all harmful personal care products (lotions, soaps/shampoos, toothpaste)
Grow as much of our food as possible and obtain other food in the most sustainable way

That's what I've come up with so far. If i look at this list, it's overwhelming. So when I say one small change each month, I mean a plan of action to actively work towards each goal. If I went all out, I'd be out in a week!

As I flesh out these goals, I'm hoping to make up a schedule. Obviously I won't be planting a garden in January, but it would be great if I could plan out what I could grow and where. The super planner in me thinks maybe breaking down each monthly goal into weekly action items would be a great idea. Part of me thinks I'm just looking for an excuse to make a spreadsheet.

(Post written early in the morning, pre-caffeine, with a child yapping in the background about next Halloween's plans. And I'm not spell checking. So there.)

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  1. And all that planning will definitely mean a trip to Staples for planning supplies ;)
    Those are awesome goals, especially for your neck of the woods. That would be common down here, yet I cannot fathom doing all that. Your family will be better off for it.
    I like how you accept the big goal doesn't come easy and requires achieving many little goals. When I get frustrated with my progress, I think back a bit to come up with a few things I DID accomplish towards the goal and feel rejuvenated. Keep up the good work, and definitely keep blogging about it.
    PS maybe there are some indoor planting things you can do over the winter!