Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mid-Month Recap

In my effort to blog more, I'm offering this Mid-Month Recap. I'm checking the pulse, if you will, on my resolutions to see where I need to work a little harder.

Goal #1: Weight. I have not lost weight, in fact I think I found some of last month's. Hoping to change that.
Goal #2: Cooking at home. This is becoming a near-mandatory thing as we need to reduce the amount of sodium we eat. I'm proud to say that 8 of 12 nights I have cooked dinner at home.
Goal #3: Cleaning Kitchen. 11 of 12!!! And the one night I didn't I was dealing with a pretty sick little boy, so I cut myself some slack. Very happy here!
Goal #4: Water. Averaging 20-30 oz per day. Could be better but the lack of sleep has caused me to up my caffeine consumption, leaving less time for water. Again, I blame the sick child. And the sick me.
Goal #5: Turning the computer off at night. 12 of 12!!! Can't wait to see the electric bill go down a whole $.30!
Goal #6: Work towards the move. 4/12. Not great. But again, illness.
Goal #7: Exercise 3/12. Um. I've been sick. Get off my back.
Goal #8: Parenting 7/12. Very unmeasurable and I promise to explain it at some point. But I am happy that I'm paying mindful time toward my goals.

Eating from the pantry: The supplies are dwindling! I have enough to feed us for the rest of the month. Good thing, because I went over my grocery budget this morning. I set a goal of $100 for the month and to date I've spent $108. But the reasons for this were good, in my opinion.

First, I was able to get 4 deodorants for $1 each that are normally $2.69. Instead of spending $12 on 2 packs of hot dogs, I got them for $4. Can't beat that! I also stocked up on frozen veggies because they were on sale and I had the coupons. Regular price: $19.90, sale/coupons: $8. Finally, yogurt. Regular price: $4.50, sale/coupons: $1.50.

I didn't NEED all of that stuff, but it certainly will get used and the prices were too good to pass up on stuff we will need in a week or so. But can I get the rest of the month without going even more over-budget? I'm not so sure. I'm more than happy to stay out of the store though!

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