Friday, September 19, 2008

Gotta get the crap out of my house

Last year I spent many months doing decluttering challenges. I basically would set an arbitrary number of things that needed to be removed from the house by a certain deadline. It worked well, I cleaned up, organized things, used up stuff that has been hanging out too long. Using up pantry food counted, donating, selling, throwing things away, they all counted. I didn't count stupid things - like I used 1 tea bag - but I will count the frozen chicken that's been there for 6 months waiting to be eaten. I haven't done one since around December of last year, so I thought it would be good motivation to start again. There have been some positive happenings that look like our move could possibly happen some time in the next year or so, and I must get this house in order. Not only does it need to be neat to sell, but everything in it has to be moved. Thus, I'd like a lot less things in it.

So I've set the (arbitrary) goal of 2008 things out by the end of 2008. But I'm going to step it up. Everything I bring in that is not a necessity will count against me. For example, a container of milk won't count against me, but a new pair of shoes will. Buying a new box of Cheerios won't count against me, but buying 10 on a good sale (yes, I almost did that the other day) will have 9 counts against me, assuming I needed that first box. No more stocking up the pantry and freezer as though we will never go shopping again.

The other rule is not hard and fast, but I'll try to stick to it. Today I've gotten rid of baby clothes. Instead of saying 50 items, I'll say one bag. I won't say 200 sheets of paper, I'll say one pile of paper clutter. I'm not going to waste time counting every little thing. That's silly.

The goal is to get the garbage out, the excess out, the clutter decluttered and the stuff set aside to be sold actually sold.

Here is the tally so far:

1 large bag of baby clothes
15 pieces of outdated make up
5 pairs of eyeglasses
6 eyeglass cases
2 mutilated highlighters

29 items out.

Enough procrastinating now, I have to get back to work.

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