Friday, August 22, 2008

The second blog, aka Friday August 22, 2008

There are two things that Nathan is not fond of doing unless I don't want him to be doing them: eating and sleeping.

It seems like he is only hungry right as we're about to leave the house. Because he never wants to eat a proper meal, I certainly don't want to discourage him from asking to eat a pear or 4 plums or whatever it is. However, had he eaten them the first 17 times I'd offered them when we weren't about to leave the house, that would have been ideal. But no, I'll pick up all the bags, my travel coffees (yes, that was plural on purpose), snacks, meals, etc. and only then will he ask to eat something.

Then there's the sleeping. Anyone who knows me knows that I've had issues with Nathan sleeping almost since day 1. Things are looking up. He sleeps about 10 hours, usually straight through. Of course, he sleeps from 6pm to 4am, which is not exactly desirable. It's nice to get some time at the end of the day to get stuff done, but I'm more of a morning person and I'd be much happier if he slept until 6 and I could get up at 5 to start the day before him. Again, I can deal with this and it's certainly better than when he was up every 2 hours every night.

But the napping! Today he's working on a 2 hour nap. I will be happy if it goes longer because he needs it, but at the same time, it's messing up my day. I had to stay in to wait for the building inspector who was to arrive between 9am and 3pm. If he got here early enough, I was going to go to my mother's and go grocery shopping. All of this revolved around Nathan's nap which I assumed would be a little later since he woke up later today. Not so - he went down at 10:45. If he sleeps even for another 30 minutes, it will be at least 2 before we can get out the door. I really don't feel like making the hour drive to my mother's and then the hour back in traffic. But if I don't go today, when can I go? And how much longer will I have to listen to the complaining about not visiting? Any other day, the kid would have been up until 12 or 1 and I could have put him in the car for the nap. But not today.

Then there's the other thing. I really need to clean the house, but since he's such a light sleeper, I certainly can't clean while he's sleeping or I'll wake him up. And waking him up is the worst thing ever because he is a grouch the rest of the day. No one wants that, especially me.

So I'm sitting here, eating my awful lunch (don't get fat, my friends, the resulting food is hardly worth it), wondering what I should try to get done while he finishes his nap. You know whatever I start, he'll wake up within moments of it. Then there's the whole thing of me not wanting to work... but that's for another blog.